Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is Leviathan?

Disc 1: The Story of Hellraiser is approx. 4 hours 37 minutes

Disc 2: The Story of Hellbound is approx. 3 hours 19 minutes

Disc 3: Bonus Features is approx. 3 hours

The makers have crammed as much content as possible for Hellraiser fans to enjoy.


2. What region code is Leviathan?

Leviathan is a Region Free (0) DVD. It is a UK manufactured import and is set as PAL


3. I can’t play Leviathan on my DVD or Blu-ray player in the USA?

Some US customers may experience difficulties playing the DVD due to the PAL format as some DVD players and Blu-ray players are only set to NTSC.


4. My player is set as NTSC, what can I do?

We want all customers to fully enjoy the Leviathan experience. There are a number of options available. Some DVD/Blu-ray players are PAL/NTSC compatible. PAL will play on PS4s, MacBook’s, Macs, PCs and Laptops. Many US customers who have had difficulties have linked laptops via an HDMi wire to their TVs to experience Leviathan in its fullest.


5. Why weren’t the DVDs set as NTSC?

As this product is UK produced and manufactured the standard release format is PAL. However, the makers ensured that it was Region Free (0) to enable worldwide fans to purchase as an import if they wished to do so.


6. Can I still get the Julia 0-Card edition?

Unfortunately the Julia 0-Card is now out of print and sold out.


7. Why is Clive Barker not in the documentary?

During the time of production Mr. Barker was unwell and committed to other projects. Where he is not featured in Leviathan, Mr. Barker and his team and Seraphim Films have given their full support and blessing to the making of this project.


8. Why did you only cover Hellraiser and Hellbound?

Leviathan is a UK made production and always set out to promote and celebrate the making of these two classic British movies. HR and HR2 are literally one movie, made by the same crew and the majority of the same cast. They are perfect examples of quality British filmmaking. HR3 is covered in the bonus materials and HR4-9 are covered in the legacy featurettes.


9. I’m not happy with the documentary and want a refund?

Refunds will only be given for technical disc issues and only on return of the product and after testing by our team. Technical issues do not include region or encoding issues, but do include data technical problems that sometimes may occur on mass-produced projects.


10. How do I find out more about future projects?

Please visit for information and updates on all future Cult Screenings UK Ltd and Dead Mouse Productions Ltd projects.


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